Surf Anonymous Free

Surf Anonymous Free

It lets you change your IP address and then surf the web anonymously
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Surf Anonymous Free is a simple tool that helps you protect your identity while surfing the Internet. When you go online, you are assigned a unique IP address that can reveal sensitive data about you and your connection, such as its geographical location. You can solve this privacy issue by having your real IP hidden and replaced with a proxy from another geographical location. That's exactly what Surf Anonymous Free does: it lets you quickly and easily change your IP address and then surf the web anonymously.

Though it's name might make you think it's a free tool, Surf Anonymous Free is actually shareware, as it comes with a Pro version that you can activate only by purchasing it and that gives you access to nice and interesting additional features. For example, only by using the Pro version you can choose the location of the fake IP address that will be used to conceal your real one. Furthermore, the Pro version lets you change IP address has often as you like, automatically.

Surf Anonymous Free is very simple and easy-to-use. Its interface is neat and straightforward, so even complete beginners can use this tool without any problem.

Anyway, there's also a problem with the reliability of its tool. The latest version didn't solve the fact that once the tool is asked to change the IP, the entire Internet goes down. This renders this tool rather useless, and unfortunately, this is an issue that persists ever since the release of its older issues.

It could also help when you want to bypass various restrictions based on your IP (such as when you want to access websites that aren't available on certain countries, or when you want to bypass forum bans). Hopefully the next updated will fix this app's issues to provide its functionality in force.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • The paid Pro version allows choosing the location of the fake IP


  • Changing the IP sometimes breaks the Internet connection completely
  • It's not free, as wrongly advertised by its name
  • The interface cannot be customized
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